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An actor quarantines - day 3


Good evening! How are you? Are you staying inside like me whilst the slow realisation of boredom and breakdown creeps up??

Well here's a good one for you then. Today a good friend sent me a recipe to bake bread .......

Bake Bread? ........ I've never baked bread in my entire life but this one was different and much more 'Me' ........


Yes you heard correctly. Those sumptuous looking baps in the picture are actually two loaves of beer based bread,

and I didn't even have to go to the shop to get the ingredients!

Having started my morning the usual way, coffee and a wander round the flat to survey, I filled a bucket with bleachy water and continued my endless deep clean.

I was just debating wether to repaint a piece of furniture when the bread ingredients came through on WhatsApp ...

  • BEER - Yes of course I have that you crazy fool ...

  • OLIVE OIL - Yes I've got several untouched 'Flavoured Cooking Oils' in tiny bottles courtesy of Santa Claus last year .....

  • Salt yes,

But not being much of a baker why would I have self raising flour? ...... Something drew me to the kitchen ...... and I slowly opened one of the cupboards .......... "BOOOOOOMMM"

  • SELF RAISING FLOUR - A full unopened packet of self raising flour beamed out at me from the back of the top shelf like a golden ticket flashing before my eyes!!

Checking the use by date I dived in. I didn't really know if this was going to work out so i pressed on and experimented, I threw in some grated cheese and chilli flakes to the dough for good measure.

Now Into the oven and an hour later my flat was filled with that mind pleasing smell that only comes from good home cookin' ..... and finally with a lot of double checking, I was presented with my glorious baps.

I didn't have to leave the house or spend any money and magically i've got 2 items on a panic buyers hit list! (admittedly it's far down the list but i'll tell you how to make toilet roll on day number 958)

Now I won't lie, the bread was a bit overdone on the outside and a tiny bit stodgy in the middle but who cares!!. The chilli came through in a mouth blasting bite and the next bite oozed that strong cheese flavour.

It wasn't quite the fluffy loaf I'd hoped for but it's totally passable in certain situations. I'm looking forward to having it with my soup for lunch tomorrow ..... and i'll be sure to rush to the shop to grab some more beer to trial run my new marmite and peanut butter loaf recipe!!

It got me thinking .............

Many times in my life I've had long periods at home and the hobbies that I've come up with have varied. Soap making? Candle making, Cutting glass bottles, Sweet infused alcohol ....

But that's a story for another blog!

Here's the recipe for all you budding Mary Berrys out there.

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