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An Actor Quarantines - Day 2

Updated: Mar 20, 2020


How many times a day, week, month do you say “I don’t have time”, "I'm sorry I just didn't have time", "I don't have time to do that so i'll do it tomorrow." or "Damn I didn't have time to open that offshore bank account in preparation for the apocalypse!!!"

If you're anything like me then it's probably quite a few! If you're a normal organised person however, you may want to disregard this blog!

When I woke up this morning I saw a very small silver lining in our situation. We've got time!

I got on the iPad and downloaded a free 'to do list' app. I categorised the lists into Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room and Balcony.

Clutching my coffee I visited each room and surveyed what needed to be done.

I went in the cupboards, I looked under the sofa and behind radiators. I looked under the sink and behind the toilet, I went into the airing cupboard and checked the tops of the skirting boards (no hens in there yet!) .... 'Deep Clean' was at the top of every list (even if it didn't need it!)

A bit of painting may be required to hide that scratch on the wall.

I can probably find places for the stuff that's accumulated on the kitchen window sill once i've washed them and replaced them with plants,

I've always wanted to upcycle that dilapidated wooden chair that's falling apart on the balcony,

That bit of limescale on the shower head could easily be scrubbed off by this lemon slice in the gin i'm holding,

When was the last time you mopped all the way behind the toilet pipes you DISGUSTING DIRTY MAN?? HOW HAVE YOU LIVED SO LONG??? .............

Ok slow down ..... you're setting yourself a huge task here ........ you're probably suffering from a bit of cabin fever and you're just overreacting now, .....

But guess what? You have time!

So what do we do first? Well listen up beauts and i'll tell you.

A fabulously wise friend of mine once told me if you want to clear your mind and reset your brain ... you must first organise your 'Sanctuary'.

This is the place you sleep.

This of course makes perfect sense. In this crazy climate you're going to spend more time in your room than ever before so it should be clutter free, functional, relaxing and clean.

Get that mop right in the corners, steam the curtains and wash the cushion covers, clean the windows, wipe down the furniture, get behind that chest of drawers, paint that wall, sort out your drawers, empty the cupboards, wipe

them down and Marie Kondo the crap

out of your wardrobe!

This may seem like an arduous task but you don't need to go at it like Kim Woodburn on crack because guess what ..... you have time!

During the first bout of de-cluttering i came across an old oil burner gathering dust. On my morning round i'd seen some essential oils in the odds and ends drawer. Who knew that frankincense oil and chamomile oil combined could smell like baby powder?? It smelt so clean and was a welcome distraction to the stink of bleach!

I'd also seen a cute tea light lantern that was left on the balcony from last summer so I brought it in and scrubbed it up and it makes a very relaxing welcome to my room (see the picture above)

So go forth my beauties and recreate your sanctuary. Your health will thank you (both physical and mental) and guess what .... cleaning burns calories so its a win win!!

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